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Conférence Understanding Natural Language with Textual Inference (Han Ren)

Mercredi 21 juin, 10h, Maison des sciences de l’homme, salle 220 Han Ren (Guangdong Universit, School of Foreign Studies)


Understanding natural language is a critical issue in Natural Language Processing, which refers to the ability of translation between computers and human language. As a complex task, Natural Language Understanding needs computers to understand texts in multiple linguistic layers : lexicology, syntax, semantics and discourse. However, how to incorporate and share the knowledge of all such linguistic layers for natural language understanding still remains a challenging issue. This speech will give a brief introduction to Textual Inference, which offers a mechanism to represent and analyze texts by leveraging various types of knowledge, helping computers to understand human language more precisely and effectively. The speech will also show our research advances related to Textual Inference and its application in Question Answering and Language Teaching.